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In the Visio Designer Course the Participant will lean to create Diagrams or Other drawings using Stencil Shapes, Connectors and Other Drawing Tools with a high level of Accuracy. Flow Charts to Floor Layouts, Network and IT Infrastructure etc.. This course teaches you firstly the basics and builds your skills from there. Its a must for any needing to create drawings of varying complexity.

This course has no specific requirements other than a working knowledge of Windows. It will be helpful to have used other Office applications to some degree.

  • Overview of Microsoft Visio
  • Basic Drawing Tools
  • Stencils, Shapes & Connectors
  • Alignment and Spacing
  • Snap & Glue in Visio
  • Using Guides
  • Create a FlowChart Diagram
  • Cross a Cross-Functional Diagram
  • Organisational Charts
  • Process Modeling
  • 3D Maps and Drawings
  • Working with Pages & Page Tools
  • Working with Themes
  • Page Setup and Printing

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