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With Our PowerPoint Coaching Courses Learn to Create Amazing Presentations. Reach your Audience with Powerful Designs, Great Layouts. Making sure to avoid the Pitfalls that cause so many presentations to fail.

PowerPoint Presenter

In the Presenter Course, we start with laying a foundation in PowerPoint. Then continuing on to Layout, Themes, Graphics and Text, putting them together to make an effective and powerful presentation.

This course has no specific requirements other than a working knowledge of Windows. It will be helpful to have used other Office applications to some degree.

  • Overview of Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Create a basic Presentation
  • Working with Text
  • Graphic Objects
  • Draw and Format Shapes
  • Themes and Layouts
  • SmartArt Graphics
  • Inserting Tables and Charts
  • Transitions and Animation
  • Running a Slide Show
  • Printing Slides
  • Output Options
PowerPoint Designer

Effective Presentations are more than just presenting information. This course goes into use of Layout in more depth, focusing on good use of Colour, Fonts, and Graphics to make your presentation stand out. You will learn why Less is more. This course alos covers Slide Masters, Headers and Footers etc...

This course requires a basic understanding of the PowerPoint Application.

  • Overview of PowerPoint Basics
  • Using Slide Masters
  • Deep dive Themes and Layouts
  • Typefaces & Fonts
  • Visual Design Elements
  • Embedding Video
  • Embed Tables & Charts
  • Custom Animation
  • Interactive Presentations
  • Create a Custom Show
  • Rehearse Timing
  • Presenter View
  • PowerPoint for E-Learning

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