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Learn how to build a relational database in Microsoft Access from Scratch. Create Tables, Queries, Forms and Reports to create a powerful System for your needs... Learn All of this and More with Our Access Coaching Courses

Access Foundation

In this course the participant will learn Database principles and concepts needed to simplify database creation and management. From creating tables and queries to designing user friendly forms and reports for your needs. The participant will also learn how to work with table relationships, controlling data. The course also covers creating and using queries. Perfect for those new to Microsoft Access.

This course has no specific requirements other than a working knowledge of Windows. It will be helpful to have used other Office applications to some degree.

  • Overview of Microsoft Access
  • Understanding Relational Databases
  • Your first Database
  • Creating and Updating a Table
  • Linking Tables
  • Controlling Data Input
  • Create and Use a Query
  • Modifying Queries
  • Create and use Forms
  • Create and Use Reports
Access Database Designer

In this course the participant will go beyond Access basics, and implement more sophistication to the database. This course covers, planning and scaling a database. Additional features to forms. and Creating and designing information specific reports.

This course requires an understanding of Database concepts, and a basic knowledge of the Access application. For those new to Access, it is advisable to first consider the Access Foundation Course.

  • Relational Database Theory
  • Planning a Database
  • Data Normalization
  • Table Relationships
  • Select Queries
  • Query Techniques
  • Query Joins
  • Calculated Queries
  • Parameter Queries
  • Design a Form
  • Form Controls
  • Form Properties
  • Custom Reports
Access Developer

Access is an organic platform in that all the parts are interconnected. This course focuses on using Forms in conjunction with Queries and Tables in a way that the database is developed to use fewer queries and reports to output information for the user. This course takes databases to the next level, Also included are other query types, Macros, and an introduction to VBA for Access.

This course focuses on complex Access features, and requires a good understanding of Access Database Design.

  • Working with Unbound Forms
  • Controls and Parameter Queries
  • Action Queries
  • Design a Macro
  • Relating Macros to Controls
  • Design Multi action Macros
  • Introduction to Access VBA
  • Running a VBA Basic Procedure
  • Coding Conventions
  • Access Object Model
  • Variables
  • Decision Making
  • Loops
  • Error Handling
  • Database Maintenance
  • Splitting the Database
  • Database Security

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