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Online Coaching and Helpdesk Support for Office Applications


As is well known today there is a big difference between information and learning. From experience we have found that students need to apply skills they learn in the work place. Often that requires coaching, and post training support, or perhaps a training solution to a direct question. Although students gain a certain amount of knowledge and skill while attending a classroom based course. Unfortunately much of the training is lost due to not applying the skills soon after attending or the student not able to apply that learning outcome in a practical way at their place of work. Flexicoach has focused on meeting this need in the providing Online Coaching and Helpdesk Support for Office Applications, so as to meet the need of the student.

Expert Guidance

With years of experience, our staff has the capabilities and expertise to take your business to the next level. At Ferns Learning, we combine our insights and skills to continuously improve your office skills, not only in time but in quality of work. Good Coaching is not about just knowing Excel or Project but how to utilize these tools in your work place.

Personal Help when Needed

Gaining skills is necessary to effectively working on a project or task you may have to complete. Sometimes you just need help with that Curly question, or just simply need help on a particular problem, but are not wanting to attend a training course or coaching session to achieve your goal. Office Help desk, helps you to speak to a Consultant who will help you solve that Excel problem or Word query. If you dont have a solution we can make one up for you.

Achieve Your Goals

With years of experience in both Classroom Training and Coaching, we offer onsite training at an affordable rate. Often times companies seek trainers but find the courses too costly for their needs, The trainers come to you, with a wealth of training experience and a desire to help you gain the skills you need. All training comes with post training helpdesk support included.


David is the best trainer I've had. He is Patient & Caters to everyone's needs - Rick C

David took the Time to explain and was very patient - Sanjay K
Hands on & Theory were very well balanced - Donna B